Debbie, an attractive, twenty-seven year old, beloved second grade teacher, had been dating for many years but had never had a serious relationship. It was a mystery to her family and friends. Her friends adored her. She was an outgoing leader of a volunteer charity organization in her community. Why did most guys say no to her after one or two dates? Why was it so difficult for her to find a great guy to marry?
Debbie discovered the answer to this question through a process of gaining self-awareness and self-exploration. She learned how to approach dating in a totally different way so that she actually enjoyed dating. Over two years, Debbie developed two serious relationships that she eventually ended. At that point, she was ready to identify and create her ideal relationship with the man of her dreams. Then she met her devoted, wonderful husband, Eli. She could never have imagined feeling so blessed and content with her husband.
You too can develop an amazing relationship with the
partner of your dreams!
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  • polish your communication skills
  • discover the essential qualities to look for in your life partner
  • feel supported by a community of people committed to personal growth
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Hi! I'm Dr. Chani Maybruch. As a social psychologist and relationship coach, I help people master relationships in dating, marriage, family, and work.


In my twenty years of coaching, I've developed unique strategies and tools to help you break through the barriers to developing the great relationship you want.

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