Emotional Intimacy

newlywed problems

7 Challenges Newlyweds Face and How to Handle Them

The wedding was a blast – even if you did not get to dance with your friend from fourth grade and you have not eaten more than a bite of challah in ten hours. You entered the wedding hall on your own and you leave as a married couple. You wave goodbye to your relatives and drive off into the night to start your new married lives together. It seems so romantic and blissful. Yet, even as you are on your way home in the car, a new reality sets in…

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Create Deep Conversations in 3 Secret Steps

Do you remember the last time you tried to strike up a conversation with someone only to come to a dead end when you did not seem to have much to say to one another? What can you do to jump start a conversation to engage someone and build an emotional connection?

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Create Instant Emotional Connection by Sharing Your Passion

“I’m just not feeling it.” “There’s no connection.” “I’m just not emotionally there.” Have you ever thought or said one of these statements? If you are dating, chances are that you feel this way more often than you would like. If you are married, you might also wonder why you feel distant from your spouse. Learn why you might feel this way and a fun way to revitalize your relationship.