Make a Difference! Change the World of Dating

Share Your Ideas for How People Should Date Better!

Suggest Dos and Don’ts that a Man or a Woman Should Know for Before, During, and After a Date

Can you think of ways in which you were not treated properly by someone you dated? Maybe the person canceled the date on you only half an hour before you were supposed to go out? Maybe she checked her phone multiple times on the date in the middle of your conversation? Maybe he left you to find your way back home, late at night, in the middle of the city?

Sometimes you may feel frustrated enough to vent about the wrong ways in which people treat others on dates. Venting can help you feel better, but how can it change the way people act in the future?

I invite you to make a difference. Help change the world of dating.

Let the people who you are dating or going to date in the future know the DOS and DON’TS of dating. Share your experiences and suggestions with me in the form below. Forward this to other people you know who would like to make a difference.

I will make sure your voice is heard and your advice is taken to heart.

How It Works

Send your advice

Send me your personal advice and stories from your own experience to help men and women understand what they can do to date better.


I will publish your suggestions in my column in the Jewish Link of New Jersey and on my website to spread awareness of how men and women can date better.

Dating Workshops

I will include the advice in my Dating Workshops for Men and discuss what women can do in my Dating Workshops for Women.

Who should share advice?

Everyone with dating experience!

You can give advice to men, women, or general advice for both men and women.

Share your advice, tips, and personal experiences in the “Date Better” by writing to chani@chanimaybruch.com or posting your comment below.