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Secrets of a Happy Marriage

The Secret of a Happy Marriage is…

… leaving your spouse the last bit of a delicious dessert you just shared.

… laughing at each other’s jokes… and getting most of them.

… realizing that your spouse took out the garbage and saying thank you.

… saying “I’m sorry I made you upset,” not “I’m sorry if I made you upset” or “I’m sorry that you … feel upset.”

… noticing when your spouse is wearing something new and complimenting about it.

… volunteering to accompany your spouse to a social event when you would rather stay home.

… helping your spouse look for her car keys without criticizing her for misplacing them.

… turning up the heat or air conditioning even if you prefer the current temperature.

… thinking of your spouse when you go shopping and buying something he likes just because you love him.

… expressing “I love you” to your spouse, thinking about how much more your love has grown since the first time you said it.

What is your secret to a happy marriage?

Think about what makes you and your spouse feel loved, appreciated, cherished, respected, and taken care of. Share your advice in your comment below.

Why do these examples build a happy marriage?

What underlying attitudes and behaviors do you find in these examples? Share your insight in your comment below.