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Drowning in Dating Decisions

I enjoy getting to meet people. Sometimes, I even have a great time on dates. The part that makes me stressed out is the decisions that I need to make…

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Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

I have been going out with a wonderful girl for two months, but I am worried that she will break up with me at any moment. I know from previous experience that when I am ready to take a relationship to the next level, girls tend to break up with me. What can I do to break this pattern?

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Why So Many Broken Engagements? Can They Be Avoided?

How can the euphoria and excitement leading up to a wedding be dashed into the melancholy of a broken engagement? It is hard to know what happens behind the scenes of someone else’s shattered engagement. Each story is different. At the same time, there are certain common threads that run through most broken engagements.

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The Dating Paradox: Why You Haven’t Found the Right Person Yet

“I just haven’t found the right person yet.” Tamara sank back against the couch cushions, slumping her shoulders down. Her spirits were so heavy it seemed like she would sink into the ground if not for the floor beneath her. “It is so hard,” she sighed. “There is just nobody out there.” Why is it so hard to find a great person to marry?

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Create Deep Conversations in 3 Secret Steps

Do you remember the last time you tried to strike up a conversation with someone only to come to a dead end when you did not seem to have much to say to one another? What can you do to jump start a conversation to engage someone and build an emotional connection?

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Dating Shopping List? Choose the Right Person with Your Top 3 Must-Haves

Based on my over twenty years of experience relationship coaching and scientific research, I have found that people who are most happily married attribute their relationship success to three main qualities. Keep these three qualities in mind as you date to help you find and develop a relationship with a person who is right for you.